What are the main benefits of using promotional products?

When giving a promotional product to a prospect there is an immediate appreciation and gratitude that forges a positive link with your brand. Your promotional product will be an ongoing reminder of your company every day they use it. Promo products will help you to find new customers and break into hard to reach markets. If you include your contact details on the promotional product, customers are likely to call you first as you are at such easy reach. Promotional products will increase customer loyalty, increase repeat purchases, improve brand recognition and much more. Keep in mind also, as promotional products are often shared at home or in the office amongst multiple people, these benefits spread far beyond the initial receiver. Promotional products can also be very useful internally within an organisation as awards or employee recognition gifts.

How are promotional products used as marketing tools?

Strategies range from the inclusion of branding on employee uniforms to the use of free branded promotional giveaway gifts at an expo. Charities can sell custom branded promotional products as part of their fundraising activities. Consultants can give premium branded promotional products as Xmas gifts to their favourite clients. Some companies even choose to sell promotional products at a profit. Whatever the strategy, promotional products always leave potential customers with a strong positive association with your brand.

What are some examples of promotional products I can brand?

If you are a retail store, you might want to consider branded tote bags or promotional shopping bags. If you are holding a stall at an expo, what about giving away branded pens or rulers to passer-bys? Branded sports drink bottles or custom printed visors are very practical promotional products if you are running an outdoor event. There are a wide range of universally useful promo products such as keyrings which can be used in all situations. A great way of deciding which promotional product to give is to ask your customers what they would appreciate the most. You can also browse our online catalogue for ideas.

The difference between traditional advertising and promo products

Traditional forms of advertising campaigns (such as event sponsorships, newspaper adverts or radio commercials) are over in a matter of moments. They leave no long term physical element behind with the potential customer. On the other hand, promotional products are an ongoing, permanent and constant reminder of your brand. Your potential customers will take your promo products home with them and use them for months to come. Promotional products therefore have much longer lasting marketing benefits than traditional advertising.

What are some creative ways to use promotional products?

There is strong research that indicates the most successful promo product campaigns involve a strong element of creativity. Stand out from the crowd with an innovative, catchy promotional products campaign. Consider adding a memorable or funny slogan that will entertain the receiver of the product. This will also increase the chance the branded product will be shared with others. Giving a promotional product away in a surprising context when the customer doesn’t expect it is another strategy. Combining multiple promotional products (e.g. branded chocolates given inside a branded mug) is another source of creativity.

How do you choose an appropriate promotional product?

The promotional item needs to match your brand positioning and the context of the gift. For example, it would be fine to give a cheaper plastic pen out at an expo. However a more classy premium branded metal fountain pen might be more appropriate promotional product as a thank you gift to a client. The promotional product needs to be something your target market would be likely to use ongoing and potentially share with their friends. As a general rule, it is best to choose products that have the high perceived value with the lowest production cost.

What are appropriate situations to use promo products?

You can use promotional products to thank a loyal customer and encourage their repeat business. They also work well as an icebreaker or conversation starter in your customer sales process. What about using a nice promotional product as a prize in a customer competition? Employee morale could be boosted by using custom branded awards or gifts to high achieving staff. A nice branded bottle of wine might work well to thank someone for a new customer referral to your business. When unfortunate circumstances arise for others, you can use promotional products as a symbol of condolences. Seasonal events such as Easter, Christmas and New Years are great times to integrate a branded gift into your marketing campaigns. Promo products can also be used as a professional thankyou gift to corporate partners who have collaborated with you on a project. When a staff member leaves the company, a branded promo item could act as a nice going away farewell present. The possibilities are endless and so are the benefits!

Other useful tips for promotional products campaigns

Whenever possible, try to personalise the promotional products gift with a hand written card or a heartfelt verbal message. This will further enhance the positive associations and appreciation linked with your brand. The decoration choices will depend on the promotional product chosen. For example, polo shirts can be embroidered while glassware can be engraved. Many branded products have many different decoration options available, each with a different price and end effect. Also, keep in mind that you can get some great savings by producing the promotional products well in advance with the products sourced and produced offshore.